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Men going through the stage of ED (erectile dysfunction). Eriacta has proven to be effectual in men of all ages. It consists of Sildenafil a medicine that is capable of treating many other diseases besides ED. Discovering the medication happened back in 1996 and started clinical trials by the 1997 -98. Within another few years, other variations were found among which this pills exists.

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How Eriacta does it go about working?

The drug Eriacta contains sildenafil citrate which acts out by increasing the flow of blood into the veins, in turn, strengthening the penis. The blood flow increases when the medication represses the cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), a catalyst that enhances degradation of cGMP responsible for the circulation of the blood.

Eriacta Dosage and Uses

The prescribed dose is 100mg; however different situation may require a user to stray away from it. 30 minutes before involving oneself in any sexual activity, Eriacta is consumable. The medication should be ingested after a heavy meal either consisting of high fat or spice content.

Important note: Eriacta isn't an aphrodisiac it is irrelevant if there is no presence of getting frisky.

Side effects of Eriacta Tablets

Side effects of Eriacta are studied during clinical trials. They're not hazardous in nature; however, some cases may bear an exception. Some of the commonly studied side effects are: -

  • Upset stomach (diarrhea)
  • flushing of the face. body and hands
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • increased fatigue

There are a few effects that are not confront able on a frequent basis.

  • change in color vision
  • sensitivity towards light
  • blurred vision etc.

If you go through any effects which don't show signs of leaving, contact a doctor.

Precautions dealt with using Eriacta

Eriacta bears a negative response to the subject if it is taken while the ailments have or exist.

  • heart-related disease
  • high blood pressures
  • serious vision-related problems
  • retinitis pigmentosa
  • kidney-related ailments
  • liver-related illnesses
  • blood-related problems
  • Peyronie's disease
  • stomach ulcers

Eriacta bears a negative result if it gets within the presence medication such as: -

  • nitrates
  • alpha- blockers (treating high blood pressure
  • protease inhibitor etc.